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She came from the Amhara region and her family is poor. She came to Addis Ababa for searching any work even if a day laborer or housemaid, to change her life and hoping to help her families. Then, she started to work as a housemaid. After working for a while, she decided to take on a part-time job that she thought would increase her income. It was the time that she began a relationship with the father of her children. While they were traditionally married, living together, she became pregnant with her twin children.

At this point her husband’s approach began to change, when she is five months then he dropped and left her. She tried to find him but not possible. Fantaye was so desperate for that she suddenly lost her marriage. Start worried for her future life. She decided to face for the coming problem. She worked hard until she gave birth. But after that, she had no one to help her. How can a person live without work and without income with twins baby.

There is no possibility unless to be homeless and living desperate life with her children. She thought that, “when I ask for help on the street or around the church, no one say no, I don’t have to die with hungry with my kids.” So she went out to the street with her children, Kidus and Meklit. This is how they face homeless life.

Instead, she dreams of working and living on her own as a mother, she longed for a better life for her children. But she had no choice unless to accept what happened, because she could not do any work with her twin children and no one was willing to hire her.

She continues to live homeless life, begging from people around church and on the street. With that money she feeding feed her kids and herself. Living with ask helping from others hands is very hard, once hungry, once, once satisfy, she lived a life of despair for two years. Because of the lack of nutritional food, exposed for malnutrition (their hair became thin and red).

During this time that Love for Children and Mothers charitable organization became a reality for Fantaye and her children. They meet a rules to select the beneficiaries, yes, they are poor mothers and children who needs help… could meet the selection criteria. because they fulfill the criteria then LCMO accepted them.

They come in to the Love Daycare. Love Daycare embracing the kids Kidus and Meklit with a comfortable nursery, by giving cleaning, clothing, feeding and others services. Fantaye began her rehabilitation through psychological support with various life skills training. Then she start work. they fill safe. Her happiness was unparalleled. After a while, the weeds turned into laughter and became happy and playful. The faces of the flowers are become bright.

Children Service

The children are now getting full care at Love Daycare from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
From the services they be given,

  • fresh and nutritious food three times a day
  • hygiene, clothing, and shoes
  • Uniform
  • medical treatment when they are sick
  • Exercise basic education
  • Nap time
  • Sport time
  • Music time
  • Kids movie time
  • Playing outside and inside they continue getting all services in Love Daycare.

Women Service

Fantaye, has taken special life skills: psychological support; personal and environmental hygiene, how to communicate with people, family planning, first aid, job creation training; bank account allocation and financial savings training she starts work one of income generating activities with other beneficiaries. Which is the apartment residents cars washing, which opportunity prepared by LCMO. It helps them to communicate the society to create additional work. She also works part-time as a house made two of the resident. Her average monthly income is 2,500.00 birr, which covered for rent and monthly consumption. Fantaye and her children now have a bright and happy life bright future ahead of them.