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Ymisrach came from Southern region, poor family. Misrach arrived Addis Ababa hoping to change her life and help her family by working any job like daily laborer or house maid. Then initially she started to work as a home servant. At that time she had started relationship with the father of three children, two of them twin.

Her husband who denied and left her alone when she got birth the twin babies, with the 7 years daughter(grade 1 student).  Misrach had no one to support or care her and her children. Misrach tried to work anything that she get, to help her selves but no one was willing to hire her with her twin babies.  She became homeless and desperate and forced to go out to street with her children ‘Mihret, Israel and  Ebsom’ for begging to survive.

After she joined LCMO her children’s faces have become shining. (as you see on their picture). Now the babies stay at LCMO daycare with full treatment (daycare service,3 meals in a day, sanitation, medical service and cloth, shoes and uniform provision) and Misrachh is working with women’s project, one of Income Generating activity, ‘coffee selling’  and she worked as home maid at her part time.

At that time her average monthly income was 2,500.00 Birr which is sufficient income for her home rent  and monthly consumption. . . as LCMO support her kids  and she has to pay 1,600.00 birr for monthly rent (one small class room).

Misrach and her babies were hoping to have a good future and delightful life. But now because of the COVID 19 Corona Virus epidemic it created a big problem to them and it affects their lives even to survive.  Because, the daycare and all school is closed, there is no job to work, no income. LCMO provide them with some food items for the two babies.

But now Misrach is expected to pay her monthly home rent, and needs some money for the daily expenses for food, utilities and other consumptions.

When you read Misrach’s struggle for survival there are also many woman and children like Fantaye who also need your help. Support poor single mothers and children today. Let us help them today, and show their future bright.   

We thank you all  in advance  as you stand with us to support them!    

God Bless you ALL!

 ‘Love lifts up the forgotten!’

Love for Children & Mothers Organization