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First and foremost we thank our Mighty God with Great Respect. He is a kind and compassionate Father,  Who has put goodness in us, good above all things!

For by Him all have been!!!

Mr. Josef Krapichler a Founder of Eva and Josef Krapichler foundation

Dear Mr. Joseph, you are a great gift of love for children and mothers organization! For five consecutive years, you stood with us great generosity and virtue. We give our precious thanks in the name of children and mothers, who are influenced by your kindness, because you have come from a distance and have changed the lives of the majority, seeing only the needs of a man without limiting you, race, color and expecting any rewards.

Your love will always be in our hearts!

May God repay you! May you live longer and healthier!

We love you!

Sehr geehrter Herr Jose, Sie sind ein großes Geschenk der Liebe für Kinder und Mütter Organisation! Fünf drei Jahre lang sind Sie mit großer Großzügigkeit und Großzügigkeit bei uns.

Wir geben unseren Favoriten, um ein Kammerdiener der Mütter und Kinder zu sein, es ist von deiner Freundlichkeit beeinflusst, du bist keine Entfernung und du bist eine Bekehrung aus der Ferne und wie sie das Leben der Masse sind, die einzigen Bedürfnisse eines Mannes ohne Begrenzung, Rasse, Färbung und was du tust, ist Belohnung. Eure Liebe wird immer in unseren Herzen sein!

Möge Gott dich zurückzahlen! Sie können Zeit und Gesundheit leben!!!

Wir lieben dich!
Liebe für Kinder und Mütter Organisation

This message is written to thank everyone who helped us in different ways. We always amazed when we think of your loving parents who have helped us grow in love. For those of you who don’t know, “God’s guest” You share your meal, wash their feet, give your bed, and show your love for us practically. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for your unspoken kindness and goodness! Thanks! Long life and health!

* * * * * *

Next to all those in the country and abroad, family, friends, relatives and others – You have touched poor mothers and children with your loving hands, you have wiped tears, you have reached into every despair home with sharing out of all you have in hands. you have filled their empty stomachs, and you have paid their rent. So that they do not fall and left on streets, you have given hope to those poor families. We send you our message of respect. Thank you so much for all that you have done in the name of God who created us and in the name of these helpless mothers and children!!!

You are so blessed by God who pays the price!
* * * * * *

Special thanks

You will not forget what you have created, but you will have mercy and abundant blessings. O God, our Creator, the Father of all; when we get stressed out we pray to you, when the time is trouble, these poor people are going to starve and fall on the road, you heard us quickly, We thank you God the Father with all our heart! You give us relief in who has the way in all things!!! We believe you will let us pass these bad days! We are not afraid of tomorrow, we trust you!!!

* * * * * *

We would like to give our gratitude to W/ro Zenebech Temesgen, and her husband Ato Atanafu Mengistet, Who left a huge mark on the establishment of the organization, through encouraging us very well. Furthermore help the organization in financing, visiting, and telling others about our work. Thanks! Wish you Long life and health!

* * * * * *

We thank a lot, our brother Genene Tassew, In the name of LOVE For Children and Mothers, who has worked with us tirelessly since its founded, from recruiting the poor on the streets to organizing the office. May God reward him!

* * * * * *

God uses him to continue our organization like this; our brother, Kotera Yohannes, who is full of sincerity and humility and who will always stands by our side! We would like to express our sincere gratitude on behalf of the children and mothers.

God bless his time.

To our good and diligent all co-workers and participants in the vision kebebush Assefa and Simegn Aschalew who have worked tirelessly today and always, taking every opportunity to do good, hard working from morning to night, Thank you so much in the name of love. May God bless your home and your life!!!

* * * * * *

Finally, I deeply thank and bless the one who is kind and faithful, Tsedeke Getahun, who joins me in good deeds and helps me, share my burden with his generosity for this good cause. Blessed be the name of the poor God, may your reward never fail!!!

I Love you so much Wodaje!
Martha, the manager and trustee of the company

Do not lose sight of the fact that those who have helped and are helping you financially, professionally, materially, and physically, to the best of our ability, from your family to our fellow human beings, do not lose sight of your generosity! In the name of the poor God, we bless you with love, bless us, do not harm us, you have filled the empty hut of the poor, may your house be filled with eternal blessings!!!

Goodness is a seed that grows in time!!!
Love lifts up the forgotten!!!
God is love!!!