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In Ethiopia, a large number of women and children are on street and miserably impoverished. The basic needs are not yet met. Access to quality education is not yet certain for the poor, meting their nutritional requirement and primary health care is far from reality. In short there is a long way to go to improve the lives of children for them to grow into a fully mature, empowered citizen of tomorrow!

Many families and communities are not in a position to ensure the well- being of children in need. Their capacities to render care and support to children will have to be built. Communities must be assisted to take over responsibility for the protection and care of children who are often exposed to various kinds of abuses & intimidations. Morale and ethics needs to be restored.

The founder of the organization Martha W/Aregay, aiming to contribute for a sustainable and durable solution to alleviate child and Mother misery and deprivations, by investing her own money in collaboration with Government, Non Government and others local and international societies such as Mr. Josef Krapichler a Founder of Eva and Josef Krapichler foundation has been major contributor for the last five years.

Our Goal

The overall program goal is to contribute towards improving the livelihoods of homeless & Vulnerable Children and their mothers through preparation of their basic needs, health, food and nutrition & psychosocial supports, basic educational, life skills training, income generating support to empower the community giving special emphasis to poor women.

Support our causes

When you give to the Love for Children and Mothers Organization, you are directly supporting our organization work. Your gift improve the quality of life of the homeless & vulnerable women and children through giving care, love, psycho-social support and skill building to generate income. Additionally, it promotes empowerment of community in various areas affecting the lives of homeless women and children humanity.

A Brief History of Our Organization


Her name is Fantaye Ezezew

She came from the Amhara region and her family is poor. She came to Addis Ababa for searching any work even if a day laborer or housemaid, to change her life and hoping to help her families. Then, she started to work as a housemaid.

Her name is Simegn Belay

She is from the Amhara region. She was born in a poor family. She moved to Addis Ababa, hoping to change her life and help her family. From then on, she worked as a housemaid. It was then that she began a relationship with the father of the Bemnet.

Her name is Worke

Born to a farmer’s association in the circuit of Enjbara, she came from a poor family, moved to Addis Ababa, where she changed her life to support her family, hoping to work as a laborer or as a housekeeper and earn income.