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Born to a farmer’s association in the circuit of Enjbara, she came from a poor family, moved to Addis Ababa, where she changed her life to support her family, hoping to work as a laborer or as a housekeeper and earn income. In her best fortune, she continued to work hotel’s house cleaner, where she continued to work as a cook’s assistant, and her salary grew somewhat, and her hopes grew. At this time Hannah’s father Abraham, come to her life and ask her to be a couple. Then he convinced her that they would live together and marry her for about 8 months. When Worke told Abraham that she was pregnant, he suddenly left her.

Worke Unable to find him, she was determined to continue working to cope with her own life. She worked as hard as she could until she gave birth, covering the cost of her day-to-day life, but after giving birth Worke could not be as workable as before. She was more troubled than ever, it was unthinkable to live without a job or with no any support, and she and her baby were hungry until they could not eat.

She was more troubled than ever, and she was left homeless and desperate to go to a plea for life with baby Hannah. She spent 1 year and 4 months being homeless, sitting in churches every street, asking for help, at that time Love for Children and Mothers Organization give the chance for most vulnerable women and children, Worke and Hanna got the chance because they fulfil the criteria of the poor of poor and welcome to LCMO.

And from the program that they will receive

  • Hannah stays with cleanliness nursery, hot and fresh nutritional meals three times a day, a gift for clothing and shoes; free medical services, and according to the daycare program, game time will provide her with her first educational exercise for her age, including a nap time, Sport time and musical time.
  • Worke has taken life skills training: psychological support; personal and environmental hygiene, how to communicate with people, family planning, first aid, job creation training; bank account and financial savings training; and the seed money supply where she buy the materials needed to do the cooking she used to do. Her daughter is so well treated at Love Daycare that she is so happy that she can cook in her profession and additional income to do laundry in a resident. The organization also helps her by promoting and connecting to people who want to make it a priority, regardless of feast.
Worke and Hannah, their health has become a strong, bright face, a strong, self-reliant mother who has been rescued, and they have full hope of a wonderful future ahead of them, and the organization is very happy with what has happened.